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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  January 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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now it is wet. be careful as you head out the door. good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, january 5th. i am michelle griego. >> hello, everyone. i am frank mallicoat. it is 4:30 on the nose. >> and you can expect to see more scenes like this throughout the week. this is what the bay bridge looked like this morning with steady winds and rain kept people caution across the span. >> and there is similar weather all around the area. you can check out the areas on >> and you can see the affects of recent rains all over sonoma valley. >> two people will be very busy, giana and roberta. the roads are a mess. storm number one or three or four? >> yes. yesterday we received half an inch of rain in the suppose
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area. here you can see the commute up and down the peninsula, treacherous this morning. we have a flashflood watch in affect for that area, the lake county valley fire burn area is. we have a flashflood watch for the big sur coast and the santa lychee ya mountains and butte county. we have beach hazard for very
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high surf lapping on shore. meanwhile we are expecting a lot of rain. once the front passes we will see a lot of ponding on the roadways. the rain tapers off after 9:00 this morning. then the chances of thunderstorms exist. more on the rain and thunderstorms coming up but right now to giana. yes. we are looking at live conditions out there. here is the bay bridge. there are slick surfaces. an accident has been cleared there and treasure island has a wreck there eastbound. the left lane is down for a count for an accident on 880 east. chp is on the scene. north avenue on the offramp we are getting reports of flooding there so use caution as you exit that exit ramp off 101.
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you can see the main lines in green with traffic looking okay on 101 itself, but wet conditions on the san mateyo bridge this morning. use caution as you head across the span between 880 and 101, taking about 13 minutes right now. >> thank you, giana. you can expect minor flooding on many bay area roadways. we have kpix 5 news jack jack in moran county. how are you holding up? >> reporter: yes. this area is well known for flooding along 101. look at the cars here. as they come down the hill they really have to slow down because there are huge puddles right here. then this is what happens. the whole carcass cades and is overtaken by the ginormous puddles, making for one slick commute. hydroplaning can happen easily on mornings like this.
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we have heard tires spinning trying to fight through the puddles. we also have a look at the golden gate bridge as we cross into the north bay this morning. big rain drops are quickly building on our windshields and street lights and headlights. we are looking at the affects of all the water that built up in a matter of hours. on the san francisco streets the kpix morning crew made their way in this morning and this is what it looks like. i don't know if you can hear as i am talking, big trucks like that driving on 101 northbound but man, it is really slick here this morning. of course, chp officials are reminding people to slow down and take their time getting where they need to go and leave room between you and the car in front of you as best you can. from morin county, jackie ward, kpix 5 news. the entire bay area is being affected by the latest round of rain and we have more from the santa cruz mountains with kit. how are conditions there?
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>> reporter: yes. we have been here since about 2:30 this morning. we are see the big, old, fat, heavy rain drops here. this is off of highway 17. here is video we shot on the way to the mountains. a lot heavier in the mountains as go go up in elevation, heavier than the low lying suburbs of san francisco bay. be careful when you are hitting the roads. >> tough driving out there. there is a lot of standing water. be careful. >> reporter: yes. last we checked the radar it looks like we have a big cell heading this way so we are bracing for the worst of the storm to hit us just yet but for now we are standing out here on a cold, wet, rainy
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summit off of highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. >> thank you, kit. the time is 4:35. the oakland radars have filed paperwork for a potential move to los angeles, talking about teaming up with the chargers to build a new stadium at carson. yesterday those two teams and the st. louis rams met with the league. it is up to the league's team owners to decide, including the 49 err ceo jeb york that commented on the issue yesterday. >> i think it is vitale important in the national football league to stay in the markets we are in. >> they need the approval of three quarters of the nfl club to move. the rams are also pushing for a competing plan in englewood. as for the san francisco 49ers, they have personnel problems to overcome. we have more about ceo jeb
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york's statement about the team's lousy season and the firing of the head coach. >> unfortunately i didn't see this team improve collectively from the beginning of the season to the end which ultimately led to this decision. >> reporter: jim will be okay financially, walking away with $10.5 million because he had three years left of his contract. >> if you can't perform your job, that is way it is. >> york was out there and put all the blame on him, okay? he probably should have. >> reporter: when asked what his biggest lesson of 2015 was, york said -- >> i think i have taken things
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to personally. you know, interactions with the media, some of the criticisms from fans. i think i have internalized it too much and taken it too personally. >> reporter: york admitted he gets emotional about the game and has taken a step back from social media and learned he can not be a distraction for the team. as for the 49ers stadium, it is undergoing a major transformation. it is getting ready for the super bowl. the turf is torn up and will be replaced. super bowl 50 can be seen right here on police in vallejo need your help finding a driver who struck a woman and then took off. he hit a woman on the crosswalk of spring road last night. the impact of the crash threw the victim into oncoming traffic. she was hit a second time. if you have any information, please call the police. a berkeley cop is recovering this morning after get into a scuffle with an
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unruling man who refused to leave a restaurant. it happened near shaddock avenue and rose street. when police arrived the man confronted an officer and tried to get away. police were able to arrest the suspect but the officer who fought him hurt his back and had to go to the hospital. happening today oakland city council will consider ways to keep residents safe from gun violence. the meeting will cover a package of gun safety proposals. one would require gun owners to secure firearms and ammunition if they are left in unoccupied cars. another proposal would require gun owners to keep their firearm in a locked box or secured with a trigger lock at home. a elementary school teacher is in critical condition. the 52-year-old woman was shot while driving in richmond on saturday. gun violence has spikeed in the city of richmond and kpix 5 news chris christie says the depart -- kristen says the
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departing police chief is leaving with pointing fingers. >> reporter: some of these holes are large enough to puncture bullet proof glass. a witness said she heard what sounded like fireworks just after 6:00 p.m. saturday. the woman is described at claire duggan, an innocent bystander, driving her car, caught in the cross fire and hit. the witness told us the shooter was stabbing on this corner -- standing on this corner firing across the intersection when he hit claire. now the police chief posted a letter to city leaders telling them how to stop this kind of violence. officials were blasted for failing to fund antiviolence programs like "cease fire," saying many of the problems are underfunded and
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underresourced. it is hard to imagine how cease fire and other volunteers can continue efforts without getting burned out, demoralized and overwhelmed. this year the homicide rates are back down after it is rates were at their lowest in 2014. people thought things were changing in richmond. >> it is very dangerous now, very dangerous. >> reporter: kristi gabel, station -- kristen, station. cracking in on safety, next we will outline the four things lawmakers would like to do to keep problems buses off bay area roads.
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downtown san francisco.. ste lawmakers are cracking downn problem buses that slip thr the cracks. andria borba breaks down the new legisla. inspired by this city sightseeing bus that careen down post street and slammed into a construction site in november -- senate bill 812 would drastically change thy the tour bus industry opera up first -- ending the prac of so- called ghost buses -- those buses, like the one tt crashed are brought in from
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of state without getting a over from the chp. state senator jerry hill\ (d) san mateo 01.15.20 it had not bn inspected, it was a ghost b. this will eliminate those b in california next -- surpre inspections. 25 percent of all checks under the propos law would be unannounced. currently, operators like cy sightseeing, have warning be the chp takes a look at the fleet. senator jerry hill 03.15.27 when they did the t inspection before the accid there were no problems or vy little, minor problems. when they did the re- inspection unannounced, they found considerable violations of s that were performing and not operating in a safe manner - that they had to take out of service the new bill would up the price o at 15 dollars. 0 . senate bills would change the way buses operate. right now they are out on the roads and out on the state without getting a once over. >> this would eliminate ghost buss in california. >> reporter: next, surprise inspections. 25% of all checked under the prosed law would be unannounced. currently -- the proposed law would be unannounced in when they did the first inspection before the accident there were very little problems. when they did the reinspection unannounced they found considerable violations, the number of buses performing and not operating in a safe manor that they had to take out of service. >> reporter: the new bill would up the price of inspections
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which right now stands at $15. >> the cost to perform the inspection is between $300 and $400 and right now the citizens of california are subsidizing the bus operators for the cost of that through the general fund of the state. >> one more thing, under the proposed law, one round of inspections would trigger even more inspections. we reached out to the california bus association for their take on this but did in the hear back. in the newsroom, andria borba. a man is suspected of setting fires, one targets his own friend. he wrote a manifesto detailing some of his intended victims were also long time friends including his own groomsmen. so far police are at a loss for a motive. >> people in his wedding party, it is unknown why he was targeting them. but that is still under
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investigation right now. >> and buskirk tossed a molotov cocktail at a concert house setting it on fire. and he left behind bombs in three other east bay communities that helped police track down the suspect. tahoe skiers had to be evacuated from a ski left after one of the chairs fell off it is heavenly resort on sunday. the skiers and snowboarders had to repel to safety after a chair dropped from the cable. it is not sure how the cable broke but luckily no one was hurt. and the winter storm is prompting cautious optimism from experts monitoring the sierra snow pass, monitoring depth and weight. snow is said to be 54 inches deep, equaling 16 inches of water and 110% of average, nearly double what it was this time last year. >> i am delighted with this winter so far.
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i think we are on a trajectory we haven't been on for a few seasons which is above average snow pack. >> when you get to keep oncoming and accumulating, hopefully but april 1 we will be well above average which is what needed to fill our reservoirs. >> experts are hoping for a gradual melt until spring and they want as much melting as possible then. mother nature is helping out. >> yes. well, there have been a series of cold fronts that moved through the bay area. the big difference is this is a el nino storm. it will be like cement, the heavy snow falling. it contain as lot of water. water content with those snow flakes so that is certainly good news. we have the snow report coming up, but right now let's share with you the high depth doppler radar. i put together a series of images so you have a loop since midnight to right now you can see the front associated with storm number two slicing
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through the bay area producing moderate to heavy rainfall with the passes on the backside of it with increasing wind, as well. wind gusts are in excess of 40 miles per hour in the highest elevation of the bridges. the bottom line, if you are travel from san jose to the peninsula to sfo to san francisco, heavy rainfall at this hour. really the early morning commuters will have quite the challenge this morning any way you look at it. alameda to emeryville seeing heavy rain. the north bay not seeing as much rain because it is lifting from the south to the north. the question are seeing that at the golden gate bridge. the valley fire burn area in lake county showing a flash- flood watch in affect through the morning hours for you. the big sur, coastline and san lucia mountains expecting debris flowing, a lot of rain in a short amount of distance.
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we have the rain affect until 6:00 tonight, with rain lapping on shore. it is raining right now. it is hard to see it this early hour. the temperatures are in the 50s and the increased winds are causing 19-mile per hour winds over the bay bridge and fairfield area. the winds will continue throughout the morning hours up to 40 and 45 miles per hour. once the rain tapers in the mid- morning hours there is a lot of instability. we have a chance of a thunderstorm throughout the afternoon hours. we are planning out future- cast. you can see a break toward the lunch hour with hit and miss scattered showers throughout the day time hours. then we gear up for that right there. that is storm number three for your commute, this time on wednesday morning. that has a lot more rain associated with it and gusty winds. we will see a toll taking place in the bay area with a saturation of the soil. here is wednesday and thursday with more scattered showers in the forecast.
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we will begin to dry out on friday. but between now and then up to 3 inches of rain in some locations. a winter storm warning in affect. two feet of heavy cement falling in the highest elevations. the rain is bringing us temperatures in the 50s with isolated thunderstorms and breezy and windy conditions. tomorrow a chance of rain and then again into late saturday and sunday. it is busy on the roadways. don't forget to give yourself a few extra minutes. take it slow and leave a lot of extra space between you and the car in front of you. on 880 and nimitz freeway we have a couple of flooding problems causen an accident in the clearing stages. that is south 880 at 980. be careful as you work your way through there. traffic is okay at the bay bridge. the metering lights are off. a little light but be careful as you work your away across the span. on treasure island there is a
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accident clearing the lanes there. and eastbound 24 in the caldecott tunnel there is a broken down vehicle blocking lines there and chp is there trying to clear it out of the roadway. and north 101 near wiffle there is a report of flooding near 3rd after and a accident near mill bay area. lots of activity there. the drive times between 92 and 380 on the northbound side 13 minutes. no delays on the southbound side of 101. traffic is quiet between 880 and 101 and the lane changes at the golden gate bridge okay. back to you. >> thank you. the time is 4:51. fog may be one of san francisco's most well known characteristics. this morning, though, a warning. the fog is actually toxic. the impact it could have on all
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of us. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. take a look at your screen. we have the areas here on the screen getting hard hit with the heavy rain and high winds. >> we have slick surface this
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is morning westbound out of oakland to san francisco. wind advisoriries, as well, for the bay bridge, barton and richmond, san rafael bridge. we will keep a close eye on the commute coming up. a southern california uber driver was arrested for allegedly driving drunk then crashing hits car early new year's day in los angeles. the 19-year-old arlene mendez decided to be cautious and catch a ride with uber but she says her driver was speed from the start. suddenly they crashed into another car. arlene suffered a broken arm from the accident. >> i am really mad. i would have lost my life. >> police arrested the uber driver after he failed a associate test and uber has banned him from using the platform. the company has a zero tolerance policy for alcohol or drugs. a riverside family says its beloved horse was killed shortly after midnight new year's day from a stray bullet fireed in celebration.
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the horse named lucky had been with jessie goss's family for 26 years. >> he was my guardian angel and best friend and a parent when my mom was at work. he was everything to me. >> the family filed a report with the riverside county sheriff's department investigating the case. san francisco may be proud of its fog but now scientists say that fog contains toxic mercury. santa cruz researchers say they found the newer toxin at a concentration 20 part-times higher than in standard rain and the pollution could have a domino affect. >> we are looking to see if there is any concentration in the testial food web. >> scientists say most likely there are no direct health concerns related to the toxic
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fog. it is raining and raining hard which means we have a lot to talk about from the north bay where we are live this morning to the east bay. so much to tell you about. take it slow out there first and foremost. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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january 5th. i'm michelle griego. and i'm frank mallicoat here comes the rain again. and "round two" -- could der a real knockout punch. up to an inch an hour -- ine spots. let's get a look at weatherd traffic. here's roberta
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gonzales and we're tracking the storm across the bay area au head out the door this morn welcome back and good morning, everyone to kpix 5 news. i have a series of images here on high-def doppler radar. this is since midnight. the area of low pressure is slicing through the bay area. you can see the precipitation is lifting from the santa cruz mountains across the peninsula making tracks toward the east bay. if you are in the east bay you are experiencing light to mod rainfall, the stop story right now. the heaviest rain is still to come in the next 30 minutes in. the peninsula you know what i am talking about, moderate to heavy downpours around highway 101, 280, making tracks in and out of the city of san francisco. the san mateyo bridge is wet, as well and wind gusts can be anticipated on the bridges


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